Interface with work in a whole new way

Create interfaces right from your Airtable bases, no code required. With Interface Designer, even your most complex data becomes accessible, actionable, and shareable.

Create a solution in minutes

Use drag-and-drop elements to design a completely custom interface. Surface all the information your team needs, and nothing they don't.

Build for every stakeholder

Provide the right information at the right time. Interface Designer lets you tailor dashboards to how your stakeholders need to work.

Customize for any workflow

Create completely custom interfaces that match the way your teams work, no matter what they are working on.

What will you build with Airtable

Surface exactly what approvers need to see to give the go-ahead.

Surface exactly what approvers need to see to give the go-ahead.

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You have questions? We have answers

Yes, you can build an interface from any base you have in Airtable. Simply click the "Interfaces" button in the top left of your base and start creating.

Interfaces are great for any collaborative workflow you have in Airtable. You can create an interface for different collaborators to clarify the actions they need to take, and for leadership to keep them up to date on progress.

Interface Designer is currently in open beta for all Airtable users. There's no special signup or access required, if you have an Airtable account, you can build an interface.

All Airtable users can create and publish interfaces during the beta. Interface Designer will be in beta until early 2022. After the beta ends, you will retain access to the interfaces you built during the beta regardless of your Airtable plan.

Learn how Interface Designer is transforming the way teams work.