Orchestrate campaigns, launches, and more

Connect work happening across your teams, tools, and vendors so you can execute better work, faster.

Manage deliverables through every stage

Track each creative asset, piece of content, and important milestone from creation to completion to keep campaigns on schedule.

Streamline creative approvals

Easily attach videos and images and work through feedback directly in Airtable, so you can speed up approvals and avoid bottlenecks.

Save time on repeatable work

Automatically trigger notifications, creative requests, calendar invites, and more so your team can focus on strategic priorities.

Report on outcomes

Get insight into output and velocity, track planned and actual budget spend, and share results with the rest of your company.

Construct the perfect solution for your team

Integrate with martech tools, add additional power with pre-built apps, and write your own scripts to customize Airtable to fit your exact needs.

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Create a single source of truth for all your marketing work

From campaigns to content creation and more, Airtable can handle your team’s needs. Connect initiatives to keep work in sync and choose from pre-made templates to get up and running faster.

Content operations

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Campaign management

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Social media calendar

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Product launches

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Less time managing tools, more time changing the game

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See how Airtable eliminates the chaos of content operations to help teams deliver high-velocity, high-quality work.

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Learn how 300+ marketing leaders are unlocking agility, collaboration, and visibility in a world of constant change

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Case Study

"Beyond the ordinary": how Red Bull Media House tells stories at a global scale

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You have questions? We have answers

Marketing teams across the globe use Airtable to manage all of their processes and work. Because Airtable is flexible and completely customizable, you can use it to do just about anything your marketing team needs. Some of our most popular marketing use cases are: content calendars, campaign management, event management, product launches, and creative production.

Yes! Many marketing teams collaborate with their agency partners directly in Airtable. You can invite collaborators to a single base to work with you on a specific initiative, or add them to your workspace to give them access to all your marketing team’s work. Want to share info with a partner without giving them edit access to your base? You can control edit permissions to make sure only the right people can edit and remove data from your Airtable base.

Our most popular plan for marketing teams is our Pro plan. With Pro, you get access to features like Apps and Automations, which give you the power you need to run complex campaigns and connect data happening across your teams and tools. Plus, Pro lets you control edit access to the info in your bases and gives you additional storage to make sure you can manage your work without hitting data limits. For small teams just starting out or those working on a limited budget, Airtable’s free plan gives you access to our basic feature set to help you get started without any cost.

Our team is standing by and ready to help you make the right decision for your marketing team. If you’re interested in learning more about how Airtable works for larger teams and companies or want to explore our Enterprise plan, you can contact our sales team. If you’re already an Airtable customer and have a specific question, check out our help center.

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